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Comments on Heartless City


Like i promise before, i will make a post dedicated to Heartless City. And this is it! I love this drama so much.

Almost all kdrama fans give a good review about Heartless City. However, Dramabeans (as a decent barometer to watch kdrama that I trusted) do not make her recap, plus it is only played by JTBC (cable TV network in Korea), so, I ignore Heartless City for sometime. Until two weeks ago, I finally decided to try to watch Heartless City episode 1. While at the same week, this drama was aired up to episode 12.

What happened then? I fell in love. For a few days, I drown to watch this drama marathon for me to catch up. Even there is a one day when I got only 2 hours of sleep, but the next morning I should woke up and ate a meal at dawn (I’m fasting since it is Ramadhan now) and went to the office :p Being too curious, I have also watched episode 15 without english subtitle. I watched the raw version because i really want to know what will happen next. Without understanding of the dialogue, I almost cry to see Jung Kyung Ho’s heart-breaking acting.


Heartless City Details

So, what really makes this drama interesting? The casts of Heartless City may not actors or actresses who have a solid fan base. They are also not the idol star who can draw a bunch of fans to watch this drama — no matter what the story is. In my opinion, the casts have their own charisma to captivate the audience. They really can act. They successfully made the audience feel the emotions of each character they played.

Furthermore, I appreciate Yoo Sung Yul as a screenwriter. Me – as an audience – always dragged into the story each episode. Heartless City has incredible satisfying twist-and-turn plot story. Very exceptional! They make us addicted to the love story of Shi Hyun and Soo Min. The complicated relationship between the characters makes us feel the pain, the depression, and above of all, we want it ended happily. Every episode we hope that Jin Sook and Hyun Soo will not get caught by the police or die by the other villain. Until now, Heartless City always being one step away ahead of me. Thus, it makes me curious of what next’s episode will bring.

I will share you an attractive characters from my point of view :

  1. Shi Hyun : lord of drug dealer; have the ability to fight beyond average; cold; care for the people who close to him
  2. Soo Min : used to be cheerful; love her sister so much; fall in love with Shi Hyun
  3. Jin Sook : elegant; pretty; strong woman; care for Shi Hyun
  4. Hyun Soo : scrapper; loyal friend especially to Shi Hyun; playboy
  5. Moon Duk Bae : mysterious guy with mysterious motives; fall in love with Jin Sook

Besides, i really love the ending theme, Hurt by Kim Yong Jin. Speechless.

This drama has 4-episodes left. So, i recommend you to watch this drama. I guarantee you will love it as much as I am 🙂