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Comments on Summer Nude episode 1

Itazura Na Kiss – Love In Tokyo has ended. Thank God, another Japanese drama called Summer Nude that I’m waiting for is begin airing. I have just watched Summer Nude episode 1 and i think I love it.

summer nude

Synopsis episode 1 :

Asahi Mikuriya (played by Yamapi) was on duty as a photographer at the wedding of Chiyohara Natsuki (played by Karina). Unfortunately, he was also a witness when Natsuki’s  prospective husband chose to leave and cancelled the wedding. Natsuki sad for a few days. Company where Asahi work still request a payment for services that have been used up, so that Asahi sent bill to Natsuki. Asahi was in a bar owned by Kenji with Hanae Taniyama (played by Erika Toda) when Kenji was complaining that he could not operate a bar without his wife who had just given birth. Hanae is Asahi’s childhood friend who secretly love him. To help Kenji take care of the bar, Asahi call Natsuki to help to work at Kenji’s bar since she was a chef. Natsuki eventually agrees to help Kenji at the bar. Natsuki and Hanae quickly became friends. However, when they were busy re-layout and tidy up the bar, Hanae saw Asahi and Natsuki were joking on the beach. Hanae saw with the sad look, while Hikaru (played by Kubota Masataka) also sad to see Hanae only focused on Asahi. Hikaru is Asahi and Hanae’s childhood friend. Hikaru is secretly attracted to Hanae.

Comments :

If you’re a fan of Japanese drama and one of Yamahita Tomohisa a.k.a Yamapi fans, then you should be watching this drama. As its title, this drama takes many shoot on beaches. And like the Japanese drama in general, I like their angle to shoot. The beach is amazingly beautiful and makes me want to go on vacation :p Not only that, at episode 1 only we’re already treated to some Yamapi shirtless scenes. Hahaa..tempting, right?

For the female lead, there is Karina and Erika Toda that come into play in this drama. Both of them is my favorite actress. And I think Erika Toda looks pretty here. Actually, I already knew from the beginning that this romance drama is talk about triangle love story. Or wait, maybe not triangle, how about square love story? 😀 But it will not deter me to watch since I love all the casts here. Typical summer drama, the story is somewhat flat with a slow tempo.

I had just caught the first episode since episode 2 with english subbed is not yet available. News that I heard, Summer Nude is subbed by Ueto_senshi who did it voluntarily in between his busy daily life. So, I will not complaining about that because i really appreciate whoever fans subber that did it for us –drama fans– and i will wait patiently. Hopefully in the future it can be more smoothly so it is more convenient to enjoy ^_^